Why Gypsies remain at the door?
It is estimated to be between fifty thousand and a hundred thousand Gypsies living in Portugal. This is the official estimate but may be many more. We move to Alentejo to know some of these families
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The degrading conditions in which some gypsies live in Portugal have been cause for complaint for the Europe Council. They accuse the country to segregate and discriminate the community. We were in neighborhoods with the worst social conditions and that motivated complaints. We wanted to understand how bad is living on the outskirts of towns and villages, in industrial areas with difficult accesses, quartered, some half walls with animals. We spoke with the Gypsies and technicians who work with them. They gave us the image of a community with customs, habits, and defects in short, with a very own culture. They are those who living in rural areas and resist to change. But also mentioned the negative perception of it by the general population, who consider the most guilty. And the measures in defense of Roma do not give votes. On the contrary!