Casa dos Marcos

A summer holiday camp for rare children. Going to the beach and the zoo, painting and playing games, all to provide these children with what is so close to us all and so far of reach for all of them

Behind the Scenes

A secret meeting brought together senior executives from the EU to Lisbon, protected by dozens of invisible men of the PSP

Physiotherapy centre for animals

At the Monte dos Vendavais there is a physiotherapy centre that provides pre- and post-operative care and helps animals with obesity and old age issues. Stories that almost always have a happy ending

Toy Story

Suspended stories inside our home

Learn to survive

Infant swimming resource (ISR). The best way to reduce the risk of drowning

Elderly at Troika Project

Death by indifference

“I’d rather God took me. What am I doing here?”

Alone until the end, the number of elderly people living alone or isolated continues to increase

Postcards of a Senior Summer Break

Seven days of sand, sun and sea in Parede´s beach

Technology for animals

A group of veterinarians teamed up and created an innovative project in Portugal. Set in Cascais, Veterinary Reference clinic has exclusive resources in the country

Sports on roofs

A new way to do sports beyond gyms and fitness circuits on the street is growing

Fátima, May 13

Faith arrives on its knees and leaves standing

Rebuilt lives

Comunidade Vida e Paz is an institution that helps homeless people regain their dignity and (re)build their life project, through integrated preventive action, rehabilitation and reintegration.

Why Gypsies remain at the door?

It is estimated to be between fifty thousand and a hundred thousand Gypsies living in Portugal. This is the official estimate but may be many more. We move to Alentejo to know some of these families

Premature babies

There are several reasons, but one is that women are becoming mothers later in life

Manuela Ferreira Leite

15 day campaign all over the country, 2009

Cavaco Silva

15 day campaign all over the country, 2006

José Sócrates

15 day campaign all over the country, 2005

Fátima shrine of popular faith

Fátima is the altar of the Catholic people. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit one of the most important Marian shrines in the world