Casa dos Marcos
A summer holiday camp for rare children. Going to the beach and the zoo, painting and playing games, all to provide these children with what is so close to us all and so far of reach for all of them
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The House of Marcos (Casa dos Marcos) is the largest project of Raríssimas.

Located in Moita, outskirts of Lisbon, and imagined by Marcos, a rare boy who once drew a little yellow house, the project of the House of Marcos was thought out with great detail to meet the specific needs of all the other “Marcos” in our country.

The House of Marcos, the first Resource Centre for Rare Diseases in Portugal, was created to offer a necessary and hitherto non-existent response, despite the National Network of Reference Centres having been considered a priority in the National Programme for Rare Diseases in 2008, along with the recognition of patients with rare disease as a vulnerable group.

The House of Marcos has a care model pioneered in Portugal and Europe, integrating social and health functions in a single building, fully accessible to people with disabilities. In the social valences, it has an Occupational Activity Centre, a Home Residence and an autonomous residence.

The know-how accumulated over the last three years of daily activity, working exclusively with people with rare diseases and with teams of health professionals mainly dedicated to the diagnosis, intervention and monitoring of rare diseases, allowed Raríssimas to increase the understanding of these diseases and to have the conditions to act at a level of excellence, providing the necessary means.

This work is about a summer camp for two weeks organized especially for rare children