Behind the Scenes
A secret meeting brought together senior executives from the EU to Lisbon, protected by dozens of invisible men of the PSP
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At 7.30 am the meeting room was considered safe, sealed and delivered to the people of the Personal Security Corps – which until the arrival of the entities not leave the door.

Chief P. and four other colleagues were on a mission to ensure that no one else would enter that space. Meanwhile, other elements of the PSC did field work: they took the delegation to the hotels where they would sleep and brought them to the meeting room.

Upon arrival at the CCB (Cultural Center of Belém) they had to do the “landing” – ensure the security of the entities between getting out of the cars and off a minibus and into into the building. After a group photo, the VIP locked themselves in the room, with one stop for breakfast, mid-morning. Meanwhile, security guards proceeded to ensure the safety of the following stages of the programme: lunch, still in Lisbon, and a trip to Sintra.